Start with new instruction cars after Corona

When the various Corona measures were released by the government, LesDirect reopened from mid-May 2020, as did the entire driving school sector. Everyone is welcome again, of course we also use a Corona protocol for the safety of yourself and your environment. But there's more to tell!

A new start, a new beginning

However, the nice thing is, we immediately started with brand new instruction cars. We have chosen for the extremely distinctive and unconventional Citroën C3.

The new C3 is not only a striking appearance in the street scene from the outside. It is also truly unique inside. All functions are controlled via a digital screen and the steering wheel. Furthermore, there are hardly any buttons to be found.

New driving school cars LesDirect: Disclosure New driving school cars LesDirect: Almost disclosed

The finely designed interior and the latest touchscreen, which appears to float in the center of the dashboard, add a modern twist. Together with the remarkably comfortable driving behavior, it represents everything that LesDirect stands for. And that suits us and certainly you also during the driving lessons.

 New driving school cars LesDirect: Tata New driving school cars LesDirect: And a nice ass ...

Of course we have specially pimped the cars in a LesDirect look. You will see us in the street scene. Which sleek white cars are now driving around with a blue sky? You understand: only LesDirect!

We bet you will also have wonderful car driving lessons in our new C3's! See you soon.

Anke & Annika