Important non-EU expats tip

Today we want to share a really good piece of advice 👌🏼 with all new- non-EU country-EXPATS and immigrants in The Netherlands.

How can you convert your foreign driving license into an official Dutch driving license smarter?

Start with new instruction cars after Corona

When the various Corona measures were released by the government, LesDirect reopened from mid-May 2020, as did the entire driving school sector. Everyone is welcome again, of course we also use a Corona protocol for the safety of yourself and your environment. But there's more to tell!

Driving lessons in NL suspended due to Corona measures until April 28th

Since yesterday evening March 24th 2020 at 9.15 am the Dutch National Government (Rijksoverheid) announced a written regulation in which is stated that the announced “contact professions” and thus driving schools/ instructors are not allowed anymore to do their jobs anymore. The ban is at least until the 28th of April.

The maximum speed on Dutch motorways limited to 100 km / h?
Is that bad?

The maximum speed goes down on all motorways in the Netherlands during the day. Between 6:00 am and 7:00 pm you are not allowed to go any faster than 100 km per hour. In the evenings you can only go faster on the roads where a maximum speed of 120 or 130 km per hour now applies.

Five ways how to operate your air conditioning in your car better in typical hot and chilly Dutch weather?

The air conditioning is a nice invention to keep all passengers cool, but many air conditioning users use the system in the wrong way. It often goes wrong with the methods below and what should you do instead?:

Hard BREXIT: British drivers licence no longer valid!

If it comes to a brexit without agreement, the Britons living in the Netherlands will have to take a Dutch driving test for an official NL driving license.
If you live in the Netherlands for a long time (UK expat or immigrant) these conditions apply:

How expensive is the NL drivers licence compared to other countries?

Did you know that you can get the cheapest driver's license in India, and the most expensive in Norway. The Dutch driving license is not among the cheapest driving licenses, but is accepted in most countries worldwide by our thorough driving courses.

Trial theory exam in the evening starts now

From 1 May 2018, candidates can take the theory exam for the car, also in the evenings. Then the CBR starts a six-month trial in which candidates can also take an exam between 4 and 9 p.m. The CBR wants to further improve the service to the customer.

Research theory exam CBR again positive

You only pass the theory exam if you have sufficient knowledge of the traffic rules. This is again demonstrated by follow-up research by independent research institute RCEC into possible unforeseen predictions in the theory test for the car.

From 1 July car theory exam English also with extra time

From 1 July, candidates can also take the theory test for the car in English with extra time. Just like with the other theory exams with extra time, candidates get 15 minutes more time with the section 'knowledge of traffic rules and traffic insight'.