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Arrive & Drive: For expats to get their Dutch driver's license fast!

So you want your Dutch driver’s license, but there’s one thing standing in the way: the Dutch driving exams.

As an expat in the Netherlands, you’ve probably driven in your home country or other countries before.

However, with its tricky highway systems, different road rules, and millions of cyclists, driving in the Netherlands is not for the faint-hearted — and it has one of the most difficult driving exams in the world.

But don’t let that stop you! With Arrive & Drive, you can get your Dutch driver’s license in as little as one week using our specialised program with experienced English-speaking instructors.

Want to know more details about your Dutch driver's licence, read this: the Dutch driving licence for expats - all you have to know. 

🚘What is Arrive and Drive

Arrive & Drive is a program designed for expats and internationals who already know how to drive but who need to pass the Dutch driving exam to receive their Dutch license. 

The efficient teaching program includes accelerated advanced driving training to upgrade your driving style, feel comfortable on Dutch roads, and easily pass your exam. 

You’ll take your lessons with English-speaking instructors who specialise in helping expats transfer their driving skills and experience to Dutch roads. 

Did you know: In the Netherlands, your family and friends can’t teach you to drive — only a registered driving instructor can!

They got their Dutch Driving Licence

👫How Arrive & Drive works

Your Arrive & Drive program can be completed in just three steps: 

  1. Sign up for Arrive & Driveand pass your CBR theory exam. You can get one week of access to Theory College Netherlands’ crash course when you sign up to Arrive & Drive!

  2. Take a 60-minute intake test that replicates the Dutch theory exam, a one-day crash course, and as little as one driving lesson. You’ll receive feedback from your intake lesson on skills and habits needed to focus on in the practical crash course and lesson(s). 

  3. Take your Dutch practical driving exam. Exams can be scheduled directly after your final lesson on public roads!


TIP! Sign up for Arrive & Drive at least one month in advance to ensure test and practise time slots are available!


🗺️Who is Arrive & Drive for?

Arrive & Drive is for expats and internationals in the Netherlands who:

  • Have a driver’s license from another non-EU country

  • Want their Dutch driver’s licence

  • Want to save time and get their license fast (truly!)



They passed the Dutch practical car exam and got their driving licence

Advantages of Arrive & Drive™

  • Crash course to get your Dutch driver’s license ultra-fast

  • Instructors specialised in a skills-based program for internationals

  • Dedicated exam time slots available

  • Upfront and transparent pricing

  • Theory exam training and support

  • Accessible from anywhere in the Netherlands

  • Pick-up and drop-off service between train station and training location

💶How much does it cost?

Some Dutch driving schools look at internationals and have dollar signs in their eyes. They’ll often convince expats that they need 20, 30, or even 40 lessons, often costing thousands of euros.

Arrive & Drive's specialised program targets the skills that expats and internationals need to adapt their driving to Dutch roads. That means you can get your license faster than other schools — and often cheaper.

Ask for our latest Arrive & Drive™ crash course price. Additional lessons are possible for just 63 EUR, including VAT.

The standard course includes: 

  • Your intake lesson and personalised Arrive & Drive™ plan 90 EUR (sign up below)

  • A one-day accelerated advanced driving training course

  • Three hours of one-on-one driving on Dutch roads (exam area)

  • Access to online theory training at Theory College

  • The CBR practical exam, car, and instructor

⌚How long does it take to get a Dutch driver’s license with Arrive & Drive?

There are many factors that change how long it will take you to get used to driving on Dutch roads. The most important factors include:

  • Which countries you have previously driven in

  • How long you have had your license

  • If you drove in the first six months of arriving in the Netherlands

As a general guide:

  • Most expats and internationals from Australia, South Africa, Canada, and Russia can complete the entire Arrive & Drive program in approximately two full days

  • Expats from most parts of the United States and South America will need approximately one or two extra three-hour public road trainings on top of the standard two-day program

  • Expats from Africa, India, and many Asian countries often need to adjust to the structure and rules of Dutch roads and will need two to three extra three-hour lessons in addition to the standard two-day program.

☝️Available Arrive & Drive™ start dates

Ready to start cruising past those tulip fields? Sign up below for the intake session and choose your preferred Arrive & Drive start date!

Don't forget: Each course has a maximum of just eight students. 

2024 Arrive & Drive start dates
Exam possibilities in as little as a week

May 6 - fully booked

May 27 - fully booked 
May 28 - seats available
May 29 - seats available

June 3 - last seats
June 4 - seats available

June 17 - seats available
June 18 - last seats

August 26 - last seats
August 27 - seats available

September 9 - seats available
September 10 - seats available

October 7 - seats available
October 8 - seats available

November 4 - seats available
November 5 - seats available

November 18 - seats available
November 19 - seats available

December 2 - seats available
December 3 - seats available

To register, you must be available for at least a practical intake session, a one-day accelerated driving training to upgrade and/ or adjust your driving skills to Dutch standards, a half-day driving training in the exam area, plus your CBR practical exam.

📌Where does Arrive & Drive take place? 

All of Arrive & Drive’s lessons and trainings take place near Eindhoven or Venlo. That’s just over an hour of a leisurely train ride from Amsterdam, but, in most cases, your entire practical driving program and exam can be fit into just three days. 

You’ll be picked up at Eindhoven Central Station or Venlo Station by your qualified instructor. When you’re ready, you’ll take your exam at CBR Mierlo or CBR Venlo, where exam appointments are frequently available.

❓Arrive & Drive: Frequently Asked Questions 

Find here all Arrive & Drive Frequently Asked Questions. But you can always contact me below.
See you at the intake test!

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  • 🤔Why driving in the Netherlands is difficult?

    The Dutch driving exam is considered one of the hardest (and best) exams in the world. The Netherlands has a dense population in a tiny area, so its roads are tightly packed and incredibly organised.


    To get your driver’s license in the Netherlands, you need to pass a three-part theoretical test and prove you can drive safely and efficiently on roads in the Netherlands in the “New Dutch style”.


    That’s pretty different compared to:
    ● Mexico, where in some places you often become licensed with just a written test
    ● India, which focuses only on basic practical skills
    ● The US and Canada, which belong in the top 10 easiest countries to get your driver’s license.


    Driving in the Netherlands means responding to other road users, traffic situations, and different usage of different roads — while still avoiding all those bikes and canals.


    Want to know more about driving and driver’s licenses in the Netherlands? Read the guide!

Source: LesDirect  'Arrive & Drive' TM