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Welcome to The Netherlands!

Especially for expats (their spouses) and immigrants with a non-EU drivers licence, we provide our succesful Arrive & Drive™ program. It's accessible from any Dutch location. With this unique crash course program you get your Dutch drivers licence within just a week for manual or automatic car license. It is conducted by the best UK instructors. 

We have, as LesDirect, had many years of experience teaching specific driving training to expats and immigrants. Here you can read everything you want to know about the required Dutch drivers licence for non-EU expats and immigrants. It is very interesting to see big differences between driving style and driving behaviour around the world.

Driving lessons style and the CBR practical exam are often very different compared to other countries outside the EU. Therefore expats and immigrants often need to spend more attention to their driving style and driving behaviour to pass the Dutch CBR practical exam succesful. 

Arrive & Drive is the solution

Regarding your work or profession it is very important that you as an expat or immigrant are in the possession of a Dutch drivers licence as fast as possible.

Arrive & Drive™ advantages

  • Unique in The Netherlands!

  • Best upgrade to Dutch driving standards

  • Your Dutch drivers license in just 1 week

  • Fast CBR exam dates available

  • Easy combination with our online Theory crash course

  • Also very suitable for '30% ruling expats'

Through the Arrive & Drive crash course we offer a unique and accelerated driving ability training. We will also unburden you by offering you a good online theory training through TCN; Theory College Netherlands.

When following this specific training, you as an expat or immigrant can pass the Dutch CBR practical exam within one week. Besides that you will boost your driving ability and your driving in Dutch traffic will run smoother, will be safer and will be more fun.

After all, traffic in the Netherlands is very different than traffic in your home country; just think about the number of cyclists the are, more compact roads, roundabouts and all those different priority rules.

30% Ruling

Do you feel at home in the Netherlands but not comfortable in Dutch traffic yet?

If you use the 30% ruling, you can exchange your foreign driving licence to a Dutch licence. We can imagine you would also like to drive in Dutch traffic safely. Our driving ability training is also very suitable for 30% rulers.

Of course you don't have to do the CBR practical exam! We will update your driving style and driving ability to Dutch standards so you will safely and comfortably drive in Dutch traffic. You can sign up here for more information.


Conditions to start Arrive and Drive

Can just anyone pass within one week Arrive and Drive? No. There are a number of conditions you have to meet, but usually with enough driving experience in your home country this must not be a problem for you.

Sign up here below to do our Arrive & Drive Intake Test. During this intake test we simulate the Dutch CBR practical exam. So you now what level is needed to pass the Dutch driving exam. At the same time we check whether you are ready for taking our accelerated Arrive & Drive™ program. 

Our experience shows that around 82% of all intake testers are ready to start with our Arrive & Drive crash course. If not, we arrange some additional lessons fitted for you.

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  • Why Arrive & Drive™?

    Our experience shows that, on average, an expat still needs 15 to 20 lessons (hours) to pass.

    An unexperienced student in the Netherlands needs an average of 45 driving lessons (hours) and an Interim test. The Netherlands is one of the most difficult countries worldwide to pass for your driving test.

    Compared to Mexico for instance, you only need to pass a written test and not really have to show you are able to drive. Or India, where you only have to show you can drive forwards, turn left and are able to stop the car.

    Also in the US and Canada it is fairly easy to pass your practical exam. They belong to the 10 easiest countries to pass for your driving test.

    You can imagine that the costs concerning getting a drivers licence differ tremendously. With Arrive & Drive you get the fastest and most efficient way to your Dutch drivers license. For many save kilometers on Dutch roads.

Source: LesDirect  'Arrive & Drive'TM